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Hello - welcome to mefit. We’re a small company based in the UK on a mission to help Personal Trainers turn their passion for health and fitness into successful and sustainable mobile Personal Training businesses.

Personal Training is a dream job but only if you can make a solid and predictable living – which isn’t an easy thing to do on your own. So we are here to help you set up and launch a successful mobile Personal Training business as quickly as possible.

You’ve probably realised that qualifying as a Personal Trainer is only half of the challenge – if you are going to succeed as a mobile Personal Trainer you need to learn how to run a business as well.

Now you could try and teach yourself, let’s face it, everything you could ever need to know is online somewhere, the problem is, can you afford the time to search it all out and do you know what you’re looking for in the first place!

It’s the same problem that your clients face, the more research they do, the more confused they get. Life is so much easier when someone shows you the way.

As a Personal Trainer, you are going to make a living by creating and delivering clear training programmes for your clients – we're here to do the same for your business.

We are friendly and honest and we want to help you. The PT Roadmap is the industry’s most complete and affordable business support package specifically for mobile Personal Trainers in the UK and we're really proud of it.

We spread our time between the studios we manage, running workshops for training providers, the office, kids, dogs and doing our best trying to stay in shape. A member of the team is always on hand to say hello and have a friendly chat whenever you need it.

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The PT Roadmap

Everything you need to be a
successful mobile Personal Trainer
in the UK including a fantastic website.

“I now have a great business...”

“Before I signed up to the PT Roadmap I had just left PureGym and was all over the place – running around like a headless chicken without any direction or plan. mefit literally saved me from leaving the industry and there wasn’t anything else that I wanted to do.

I now have a great business that’s providing everything that I need and more. I’ve built up a very strong client base and at last I’m got a great job with a great income, doing what I love.”

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