Meet Shane

Meet Shane O'Connell Personal Training

Shane made a great decision to get qualified with Liam Johnson at the Academy of Exercise Studies in Bournemouth. As soon as he graduated he was instantly snapped up by the New Energy Gym where he created training products that were immediately setting new standards for their members.

Since working with us Shane has also become the sole personal trainer at Arqiva in Winchester looking after 500 members of staff. He is also a trainer at the prestigious Winchester College Gym.

Shane has developed an incredibly strong brand and reputation in Winchester and is already the go to trainer.

Check out just some of the things Shane has achieved with his business following the PT Roadmap…

Shane's PT Roadmap website

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Shane Oconnell Personal Training Adverts

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What Shane thinks of the PT Roadmap...


"I can't believe it, ...

I was struggling to make a living but now I have a full client list and two private gyms!"

Shane O'Connell

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