Why do so many Personal Trainers quit?

No one knows the exact figure, but it is widely accepted that somewhere in the region of 80% of Personal Trainers drop out of the industry within two years of qualifying as a PT.

Why is this happening?

Surely it can’t be because trainers no longer like training and let’s face it, there are millions of people who need the help and support that PTs can give – so what is going wrong?

Why is it so difficult for Personal Trainers to convert their energy, enthusiasm, and the knowledge they gained during their PT course into a successful and lasting career?

Could it be because the Personal Training Industry in the UK is based on a flawed model? In other industries, you complete your training and get a job, teachers in schools, nurses in hospitals… but for most personal trainers as soon as they finish their training they’re on their own (with a few exceptions).

The vast majority of Personal Trainers in the UK are self-employed, even the ones working full-time in big box gyms. So like it or not, they’re running their own micro-business with little or no experience – no wonder they struggle.

Teachers don’t have to find their own students and nurses don’t have to go out searching for patients, they do what they’re trained to do – teach and nurse! (Now I’m not suggesting that teachers and nurses don’t have an enormous amount of unnecessary paperwork - but that’s for someone else to write about!)

Personal Trainers on the other hand are trained to deliver sessions, to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals and lots of them are very good at it – but to succeed within the industry most Personal Trainers have to become experts in marketing, sales, PR, book-keeping, health & safety, web-design, branding… as well as delivering great sessions - and that’s going to be hard if they haven’t been told how to do it.

Failure usually comes down to one of two things:

  1. lack of knowledge
  2. lack of desire & application

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a client trying to lose weight or a PT setting up a Personal Training business, if you know what you’re doing and you work hard, it’s highly likely that you’ll succeed. But if either knowledge or application is missing, you’re going to fail.

Fortunately most Personal Trainers are full of desire and application, they work hard and deliver great sessions. The reason so many drop out of the industry is because they don’t have the knowledge they need to set up and run a successful business.

If you’re a Personal Trainer and you want someone to give you the knowledge you’ll need to succeed, please get in touch.

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